Measuring the ROI of Public Relations (Print & Online)

This article basically talks about how you measure the effectivess of print and online media coverage. There are several methods that usually people talk about like the ones mentioned below but none have been able to gain a standard position:

1. No. of hits per month
2. Ad Value Equivalency
3. Quality of news
4. No. of industry news that the firm participates in a month
5. Positioning in tope teir media

I believe that these are just measures to tap some numbers but to calculate the actual ROI which comes from media one has to figure out what is the sales made out of the coverage which is a difficult task to do. As the coverage not only helps in getting some kind of sale but it also helps in :

1. Building the company’s position in the market or brand positioning which can be measured but is helpful to the co. in a long run
2. Spreading positive message and hence gain trust which eventually results in sale and profit in a no. of ways
3. Enhancing Employment Branding and hence getting the right talent for the organisation which in turn are one of the most important factor for getting profits.


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