One Reason for Laziness is HOPE!!


Keeping hope is an excellent thing to have but to cling on to that hope and doing nothing is futile. When I say that one of the prime reasons for laziness is hope, I mean to defend this statement in an entirely different way. We live in an ever changing world where everything is so dynamic that we cannot ‘assume’, yes that is the right word, ASSUME, that things are going to remain the way it is now. Life is a beautiful gift by the Almighty, but it is not sure till when are we going to reap the benefits of this beautiful life.

In our daily lives we keep postponing things that we ought to do, to tomorrow or LATER, as if we are sure that we are going to live forever. This habit of postponing things makes us lazy or the hope that we will live the next day or the hope that we have ample time to do things later makes us lazy.

Hence, one reason for laziness is hope… šŸ™‚


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