How to make an effective Powerpoint Presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint is an excellent tool to make a powerful presentation. It comes with easy features which you can go through in the help section. Given here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while making a powerful powerpoint presentation.

Fonts: Do not try to use the same set of fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. There are many free fonts which are available on the internet which you can download and use to make your slides look more beautiful.

Color: You can use color schemes to make the slides look attractive. Make sure you use good color combination. Make sure that the text is readable and the colors are not too harsh on the eyes

Alignment: The alignment of images and text are equally important. It should look pleasant and not disconnected.

Text: Do not overburden your presentation with loads of text. Make sure to use the right amount of text and divide it into headings and sub headings. Use bullet points and not many paragraphs.

Animation: Go for using minimum animation and not something which is too jazzy on the audience’s eyes.

Cohesiveness: This is the most important aspect which you should always keep in your mind. You should first organize all the points and prepare a flow of the presentation. Then you should group the similar topics. You can then apply your creativity to make the groups look similar in nature in terms of the color that you use, the font type, and the alignment. This gives your entire presentation a very cohesive look. Though it separates the groups but it binds the entire content in one set.


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