‘LPG Cap’ will give a new look to the way we cook and plan



The recent buzz in the LPG cylinder segment is profound. The central government had declared that six cylinders will be provided to Indian households which was again after much deliberation and confrontation had been raised to nine for each family. These will be provided at a subsidized cost of 400rs. per cylinder where as if a family needs more according to its need they will be charged 700 rs. on each cylinder. Also there is a delay of a minimum of ten days that is to be expected to get a new LPG gas. Having explained this recent scenario and the situation currently prevailing, let’s explore what can be a probable outcome for this at various dynamics.

1. There may be raise in acceptance of alternative methods of cooking like single gas cylinder, solar cookers, electrical rice cookers, induction cookers, microwave oven.

2. Conventional methods of cooking on wood and single gas stove may be seen

3. Proper plan in terms of food may persist; people will plan their food in advance and plan how to cook them i.e. by what means, either on oven, or gas etc.

4. Raise in the electricity bill can be expected as more use of

5. Quickly prepared food will be marketed and may be profitable

6. Change in the way people eat may be seen. People may start shifting their food regime to something more easy and quickly prepared. They may include oats, cornflakes, or sandwiches instead of conventional food. In a nutshell, they may start adopting one meal healthy food.

7. The kitchen layout will see a change where more attachments of appliances will be seen like rice cookers, ovens, sandwich makers and toasters, etc.

It would be nice to notice these expected changes which is most probabilistic to happen seeing the current cap charges on LPG gas cylinders. Hoping that this will lead to a positive and healthy living.

Read More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/opinion/edit-page/A-cap-on-subsidised-LPG-will-unleash-reforms-in-the-kitchen/articleshow/16631419.cms


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  1. Let the price of cooking gas in India be reduced to the price according to the international price of oil and natural gas, which is below the present subsidy levels, let the government do this immediately else let it be removed. Let the bank account and aadhar card be discarded completely, as there is no subsidy component from the government based on international prices of oil and natural gas. Let this government which does not provide any subsidy according to international prices of oil and natural gas stop harassing the people. Let any government that continues anti-people like this activity be removed. Let the LPG subsidy not haunt consumers anymore, as there is no more subsidy according to the international price of oil and natural gas.

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