Strenghthen your Strengths and Crack Interview

Every one is in the gyan mode on how to crack interviews. So here as well are some of the easy tips on how to perform in interviews by ‘Strengthening your Strengths’.

The basic qualities that corporates look for are the following:

Domain Expertise – Companies look for people who are domain experts in their field, for example a fresher who goes for an interview for C++ programming should have sound concepts of C++.

Aptitude – Apart from domain knowledge candidates should have the good abilities in verbal reasoning, logic, and data sufficiency to solve complex situations that may arise while at work.

Communication Skills – This is one of the most basic and important ingredient. It is proven that good communication skills leads to a successful career. This skill helps in effective communication and better understandability. It makes the job easier.

Culture Fit – Corporates eye for candidates who fit their culture. Some companies are flexible in nature and some have multinational people or teams, some have strict organisational structure and procedure. Hence firms intake those candidates who they think can be the best fit in their company and the teams.

Long term relation – Companies want employees who are productive as well as engaged to their company and who think that it is a best place to work.


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