Webinar: How to conduct a webinar?

Webinars are a great way to say, “hey we are thought leaders in our space and we know our stuff”. It helps in branding, promotion, building thought leadership and trust in the industry, closing sales, and retaining customers.

Here are some of the most prevalent and basic steps to organizing a webinar.

1. Align your offerings that you want to sell through the year with the topics that you want to present in the webinar.
2. Prepare a list of themes and sub themes
3. Find out the internal speakers within your company
4. Reach out to partner companies and your customers to speak at the webinar
5. Share with the speakers tentative dates and time, check their availability and freeze the date and time
6. Get the speaker bio, picture, topic, and a brief on the topic for framing the invite
7. Frame the invite
8. Prepare a sheet of people you want to send the invite to.
9. Send the invite
10. Follow up with them and help them registering for the webinar
11. Do a dry run with the speakers prior to a couple of days of the webinar
12. Conduct the webinar
13. Send thank you email with details of webinar to the ones who have registered.
14. Work with speakers for getting their presentations ready
15. Conduct the seminar and make sure to record it
16. To the ones who have attended and those who haven’t, send them a mail with appropriate messages and share a link of your upcoming events

For more help write to: nilofar.nigar@live.com. Follow me on Twitter: @nilofarnigar
Stay tuned for my next article on “How to promote a webinar?”


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