the fluid perspective

What keeps me engaged as a marketer is the ever changing and fluid nature of the job. Every day is a new challenge that needs a different perspective and thought process. It is nowhere close to the monotonous and routine job that most of the roles have. New ideas, new campaigns, events, and content keeps me busy and is a brain nurturing element for me. The nature of a marketer itself is so dynamic that it percolates downwards to his/her thinking and execution. So, what is so exciting and how to keep it as exciting as ever. I ‘READ’. Yes, this is what keeps my brain active and is a source of lot of creative ideas that I use on an everyday basis in my personal and professional life.

What do I read? —–  I read HBR, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes, Inc and Tech Crunch to begin with – reading what is happening with the major global players, whats new in technology and startups. I then move to my news reader; digg and feedly where I have all the relevant news sections categorized for me to have a read through. I also keep myself updated as a marketer absorbing and learning about the new trends in marketing and for this I follow sales benchmark index blog, Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute and feeds from the news feeds. This infuses numerous ideas and is a brain feed to any marketer.



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