write a blog post in less than 5 minutes

why do some writers take a whole lot of time – a day, a week, months to come up with a piece of writing; while some others write almost every day, consistently. what is the reason of their consistency? – It is because they just write what’s in their mind, without waiting to come up with a refined thought and without researching too much about a simple blog topic.

so here’s what I would do if I were to write consistently.

If it is an idea you want to write about, just start writing without worrying about how lengthy it is going to get. Readers prefer shorter posts, you can definitely give links to other relevant pieces. This way you can make a series of short posts, rather than investing time completing just one post.

When you write, you may get other ideas as well. quickly open your editorial calendar (yes you should definitely have one!) and write the blog idea.

Here’s how to create an editorial calendar for your blog>>

A tip – always keep your blog page open so you can quickly create a new blog post from the website and not write on a word document. The moment you pen down your ideas into a word doc. you may think of saving it and revisiting it again to make it more interesting.


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