Content marketing

This is definitely in line with the overall business objectives and the marketing strategy that is created for the year. However, I like to keep it beyond what the company is selling and basically creating a mix of content – in terms of what percentage of content will be aligned with sales, what will be thought leadership.

Additionally, not to forget that the content pipeline that we are trying to create here should cover the inbound phases. Companies often do the mistake by bombarding all the content in the awareness phase and not carefully thinking of the pipeline that needs to be kept in the other phases. Therefore carefully thought out content as per the buyer personas should be developed for the below phases:

Attract - Convert - Close - Delight

My expertise has been to utilize the research and pull together a well-crafted content strategy.

  • Develop a content strategy and an editorial calendar
  • Develop a master list of keywords that the copywriter can use
  • Enable the copywriters with a set of best practices to be used to write high performing content
  • Craft out the content type that is suited for different buyer personas
  • Use a centralized content repository with the relevant tags
  • Measure the content performance with the pre-defined KPIs

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