The power of listening

I have often seen people jumping to conclusions even prior to listening to the other person completely. This creates a lot of dissatisfaction in the entire communication process. Resulting is this from some typical conditions such as the all know attitude, over confidence, and assuming that one has a better understanding of things and that the other person is not as equipped enough in his explanation.

A better listener is most of the time a better communicator as he has a greater understanding of the scope and know how well to articulate the response. In my observation the no-listening syndrome can pervade to anyone and everyone and is typical amongst those who are not that wise enough.

Many of them ask me, how come i have a better thought process than the rest in the group and I say that I tend to erase any pre-assumed notions or logic from my brain prior to listening to the other person. I just ‘listen’ and try to absorb as much information as possible and the organize the information in to meaningful pieces, some of which requires action to be done. I then research on the data points and organize in a proper flow such that it narrates a story and is easily understandable to the audience.


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