How to focus and #BeHappy – Iron doors method

Majority of the people are not content with some thing or the other – some are not happy as they do not get what they want or what they have expected out of life – on the other hand there are this chunk of people who are either depressed about their past and/or concerned about what would happen in the future.

The point is there is none in this world who is not worried about something or the other and there are a lot of people who have learned to sideline their worries and are focusing on living their present. I remember in one of the self help books – How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie (Get the PDF here), I came across the iron door method of dealing with worries – and trust me it has worked wonders for me and post years I am sharing this with you as I know it works.

Iron doors method

Its simple! Just imagine a huge iron door in your mind, and while it closes it stops your past dead days. Now imagine another huge iron door shutting all your future concerns – now what is left is your present and that is NOW. All you are left with is the present moment where you need to center all your energies and focus on delivering your best – this best will define what you are and for what you will be remembered in future.


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