Be Better Than The ‘Yesterday You’

Often we look back and realize that we have not upgraded our lives and get sad, looking at few or minimal improvements that we have made vis-a-vis what we were the previous year. We consider a span of years or one year to be more precise – for measuring our performance or behavior or personal development.

But, the point to ponder is – is this measurement time span correct?

Shortening the measurement deadline and setting small goals

Through my personal experience a year is an excessive time that you could give to yourself and we all know that working in shorter deadlines, timeframes and breaking it down to smaller proportions yield better results rather than working on a long plan. The reasons are obvious – people tend to lose focus when they are given a long time span, they think that it is OK to do a thing tomorrow as they know that there are a lot of tomorrows. This eventually leads to a lagged approach, missed deadlines, and eventually people lose their interest and focus.

Now that we arrive and agree that the time span of measurement should be shorter, the next question then is what should you measure – on what basis or categories. Hence defining categories of improvisation is critical. Essential becomes how do you choose them and how many categories should you choose. My fundamental criteria is ‘basic’ and ‘necessity’. I have observed that when I stick to the basic and choose options that belong to the necessary category, it yields better results.

Hierarchy of needs and how do we fulfil them by being a better you

Let’s take a look at the hierarchy of needs by Abaraham Maslow, we realise that the first set of needs are the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Now what do we do to achieve these?

> Learn

We need good education/skill set for a job that can earn us a living and we can own/rent a shelter, buy food, take care of other basic needs. Once you have earned your degree, it will fetch you a job today or tomorrow, but sustaining the job, staying ahead of the competition, bagging promotions and advancing in your career requires continual efforts. This means a portion of your day/week should be invested in reading the right material, practising your skill or enhancing your skill, learning a new skill for career development and so on.

> Take care of your health

A healthy mind is only possible if you have a healthy body. The body gives you the capacity to fulfil your daily routine and tasks with the required amount of energy that is required. What if you have a brilliant mind but you do not have a good health, how long will you earn money with that state or how long can you enjoy life. So a certain proportion of your daily time should be invested in living a healthy life – eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, sleeping for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours, meditating and including a physical activity regime.

> Enjoy your life

Our daily lives typically comprises of going to work and coming back home. Make sure in the process you should still praise and thank god, enjoy the nature, the existence and beauty of each material you see around you, take a look at the sun, moon, stars, trees and love them as it gives you a sense of connectivity with the universe. Smile at people, be kind to them and treat them good as well.

> Invest time with family and friends

This is another important ingredient of a better you – a better you in terms of how you behave socially and interact. Spending time socially, will enhance your personal skills of listening, articulation, team building, controlling anger and other variables such as being humble which makes you a better human being.

What I do on an everyday basis to be a ‘better me’?

  1. I get up in the morning and drink a glass of luke warm water with honey and lemon.
  2. Spend 1 hour of my time exercising while I boil eggs or simultaneously prepare breakfast if possible.
  3. Take a nice fresh bath and pack my lunch for office.
  4. Once I reach office, I read my mailbox, tweet, and manage my social accounts while reading articles on marketing (my domain area), self-development, news and philosophy.
  5. I spend my day at office accomplishing at least one major task.
  6. Throughout the day I drink 3 cups of green tea and 1 litre of detox water.
  7. When I am back home, I cook food, prepare detox water for the next day and carry out my night-time skin care routine.
  8. Sit with family for a while and chat with them.
  9. While I am at my bed, I make sure to watch some YouTube videos on my domain, any interesting documentary, a series, or makeup/fitness/beauty video or read a downloaded/physical book.
  10. Anytime during the day I make sure to write a paragraph on my upcoming book or contribute to my blog.
 Article Source: Nilofar Nigar Ezine –

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