You are not intelligent because you are not educated.

They say you do not have a university degree and hence you are not intelligent. Intelligence has nothing to do with the degrees that you accumulate. People now are characterised into two sets, one that have a degree from an educational institution and one that do not have a formal education. No offence to the ones that have learnt the dynamics and concepts of different subjects, but it does not merely signify that you are intelligent and wise.

According to Heraclitus – Much learning does not teach understanding, otherwise it would have taught Hesiod and Pythagoras, Xenophanes and Hecataeus. Anyone who has spent time in higher-education will be painfully aware of the “learned views” which go nowhere and shed no light at all. All those “possible points of view…” which fills the pages of learned Journals crowd the path to Understanding. Yet knowing much is also something Heraclitus stresses, so we are caught between the jaws of ignorance and encyclopediasm.

One of my friend said, no one is merely intelligent just because he knows physics, chemistry and maths. And it holds true as well, I have seen people who are not educated formally in any institution but they intelligent as they have gathered knowledge through experience and various other sources and know what to apply in which situation. Additionally, I have seen doctorates and other highly qualified individual who lack in common knowledge and less than average mental ability as compared to others.

— This extract is part of my upcoming kindle book 🙂


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