Who to satisfy at work – yourself!

I have always been a person who speaks the facts and logic and does not deviate from it. Has it worked for me – I would say yes. At least I am being seen as what I am and not what others want me to be.

It is often asked of me – why are you working so much?

I would say – people who are recognized have the following characteristics – either they think out of the box, they are extremely laborious, they are awesome at work and they are fast.

We are in the digital age where data is the game we play. In this world, there is no way but to embrace change and to be fast in it. I would say if you are to be appreciated at work and want to stand out always – do the below things.




Simply meaning, intake more work than others for the same period of time. Accomplish the work impeccably and with the best of quality. This will imply that you would do the job fast or will get the job done fast.

Live by it and you will start seeing the difference.

The question now is why should you do so much – you can happily do what others are doing at the same pace as them. However, my answer to it is, when i progress in life and look back I should be happy and proud of my achievements.

Well, everyone’s perception is different – the question to you is do you want to stand out from the crowd or you want to continue to be a mediocre.


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