Press release template: your release is ready in 5 minutes


1. Headline: This should be carefully crafted. It should not only be interesting or enticing, but it should capture the main theme of the release. Write the headline that is interesting enough to tweet.

2. Sub-Heading: This is where you can provide interesting information to entice the reader to read your release. In short, the subheading adds more meaning to the title of the release.

3. Dateline: Includes the city of origin, and the date of the release.

4. Opening paragraph: This is a general paragraph that states your company’s name, the exchange that you are trading at, the nature of your business or what you are into and clearly states the title of the press release.

Download the free press release template >>

5. Lead Sentence: Set the hook in the reader’s attention. Keep them moving toward the objectives – key messaging & calls to action. The lead paragraph starts with an interesting statement, not boilerplate.

5. CALL TO ACTION: Most readers won’t make it to the bottom of the page. Insert your call to action link for the public after the first or second paragraph. Restrained use of links directs readers to a specific call to action.

6. Copy Body: Tell the story, add dimension and readability, with quotes, bullet points and paragraph heads in bold text. Give the reader reasons to keep going. Bold font and provocative section heads draw readers’ eyes in and build more attention.

7. Boilerplate & media contact info: Establish the brand’s credentials and give journalists the about-the-company details they need for the story.

Download the free press release template >>



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