Happiness Is a Constant Work-In-Progress.

Pointless Overthinking

The one constant we all have in our life, are our problems.

We all have many different problems we have to face day in and day out…

Like solving your health problems, finding a job, getting the car fixed, meeting the deadline for a report, blah blah blah. The list of problems we have are endless, and as you probably already noticed, never really come to an end.

The reason they never do is simply because solving your problems, creates even more problems!

Like when finishing that goddamn report after spending nights of overtime at the office, only to have your boss return it the next day to make further adjustments. As soon as the report is finally done, you start over only to find yourself writing the next report before you even notice it.

Or when doing something about your health problems! You get yourself a gym membership and find yourself…

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