How to write articles that are ranked higher

This is what you do to pull up a content piece that ranks higher than your competition.

1. Write for the audience – what they want – hence good quality content
2. The structure of the article
     a. Catchy headline
     b. A punchy intro
          i. How will the reader benefit?
         ii. Summarize the blogpost
         iii. Restate the problem or solution that was mentioned in the headline
     c. A catchy picture
     d. Lead in to the main points
     e. Elaborate / lay down facts
     f. Conclude and ask for feedback
3. On-page SEO
     a. Use or repetition of the primary keyword (use high performance keyword – use Google AdWords Keywords Planner)
     b. Optimize your post with the keywords
          i. Title tag
         ii. Meta tag
        iii. Content of the page
        iv. URL
        v. Image alt text
     c. Page user experience
     d. Content value should be practical
     e. Use of related keywords
     f. Topic/theme of the page
4. Use the AIDA model to captivate your audience

5. Build inbound links to your post


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