The most comprehensive 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR

How i framed the 2019 social media calendar and developed more than 400 tweets and posts across 14 categories in 3 hours for January 2019.

Social media is not going anywhere. It is the core of the marketing strategy for each organisation. Having a well crafted social media calendar helps in strategising the posts, tweets, images, keywords, CTA, target persona and hence is immensely useful to have a greater reach and thereby achieve the set social media objectives.

Below is the glimpse of my personal social media calendar for 2019.

Some of the elements that has made this template by far the most comprehensive are the following:

  • Categories and subcategories that i am passionate about and care to share
  • The keywords for each of them
  • CTA’s/Links associated
  • Research based posts and tweets
  • Posts and tweets based on the content that i create – templates, articles, blogposts
  • Posts and tweets based on the curated content
  • The channels where i need to disseminate the posts – As i have multiple channels, all the posts do not cater to be published in all channels. Hence, the bifurcation is necessary
  • The time of publishing – this should be inline with when my target audience uses social media the most

Additionally, i have also designed the social cards for each of them so that the January month is sorted and it is just a matter of scheduling. As the marketing/technology domain is dynamic it is always better to have a month of posts and tweets rather than a quarter as what news/trend matters now might change with time.

If you need help developing your social media calendar, email now to schedule a chat


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